The Color Purple Letters 78–79: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 78–79: Summary and Analysis

Hearing that Sofia’s mother died, Celie comes back to pay a visit to Harpo and Sofia. She has changed so much that Mr.____ doesn’t even recognize her as she walks across his farm. As she approaches their house, Celie can hear Harpo and Sofia fighting. Sofia intends to be a pallbearer at her mother’s funeral but Harpo thinks that “peoples use to men doing this sort of thing.” Sofia is adamant, and during a lull in their argument Celie knocks on the door. They both stop everything and greet Celie warmly.

Harpo wants to know why Mary Agnes acts so detached, and Celie tells him that she has been constantly smoking marijuana. Grady grows and sells marijuana from his backyard, and Celie shares a...

(The entire section is 1018 words.)