The Color Purple Letters 74–77: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 74–77: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Jolentha (Suzie Q): the little daughter of Squeak and Harpo

Henrietta: the little daughter of Sofia

Jerene and Darlene: twins who help Celie with her sewing

Sofia is released from the mayor’s house after serving eleven and a half years of a twelve-year sentence. To celebrate, everyone goes to Odessa’s house for a dinner. At this dinner, Shug and Grady announce that they are returning to Memphis. Everyone, especially Mr.____, is disappointed when they hear this news, but that disappointment turns to shock when Shug announces that Celie is coming to Memphis as well. Mr.____ starts to protest, and Celie confronts him about hiding Nettie’s...

(The entire section is 1029 words.)