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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 74–77 Summary

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After serving almost the entirety of a twelve-year prison sentence, Sofia is finally released from the mayor's house. To mark the occasion, a celebratory dinner is held at Odessa's house. During the dinner, Shug and Grady reveal that they will be leaving to go back to Memphis, which disappoints everyone, especially Mr. ____. However, their disappointment turns into shock when Shug announces that Celie will also be coming with them to Memphis. Mr. objects to this, but Celie stands up to him and confronts him about hiding Nettie's letters and mistreating her.

It's impossible to express the shock of hearing Celie assert herself. Shug then reveals that another individual will join them on their journey. Everyone assumes it's Sofia, but Sofia clarifies that she belongs with Odessa, Jack, and her kids.

Suddenly, Eleanor Jane appears and asks for Sofia's aid. Sofia agrees and departs with her. Afterwards, Squeak announces her desire to become a professional singer and join them in Memphis. She requests that Sofia look after Harpo while she's away.

As Mr.____ gets ready to depart, he informs Celie that she won't be able to make it on her own due to being "black," "poor," "unattractive," and "female." This statement causes Celie to experience a sudden burst of energy, and she declares to Mr.____ that unless he corrects the wrongs he has done to her, all of his future endeavors will be unsuccessful.

On their way to Memphis, Grady makes an effort to stay close to Squeak. Upon reaching Memphis, Shug offers Celie a bedroom in her house, but Celie is uncertain about her next steps. During this period of contemplation, Celie occupies her time by sewing pants for Shug to wear during performances.

After creating the ideal pants, Celie observes Shug admiring herself in the mirror and exhibiting the pants to everyone. Squeak inquires if she can get a pair, and before long, all of Celie's acquaintances desire a pair. Shug suggests that Celie advertise her pants in the newspaper. Celie then identifies herself as the founder of a new business called "Folkspants, Unlimited" in her letter to Nettie.

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