The Color Purple Letters 64–69: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 64–69: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Daisy: Alphonso’s new wife

Five years have passed between letters as Nettie picks up her narrative. Tashi’s father died in the rainy season the year before, and Catherine, Tashi’s mother, insists that her daughter continue to learn. As the years go by, Tashi becomes a wonderful storyteller and cries when she hears about slavery, which is something the other villagers refuse to acknowledge. Other women begin to send their daughters to school as well, which is reluctantly accepted by the men.

Corrine tells Nettie not to come to their hut if Samuel is alone. Nettie complains that “since Corrine almost never visits me herself I will hardly have anybody to...

(The entire section is 1378 words.)