The Color Purple Letters 52–60: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 52–60: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Adam: Celie’s lost son, now the adopted son of Samuel and Corrine

Celie reads Nettie’s adventures since leaving the farm of Mr.____. The next letters are read from Nettie’s point of view.

Nettie writes that as she left the farm, she was followed by Mr.____, who wanted to take advantage of her. Nettie manages to hurt Mr.____ just enough to escape. She finds her way to the home of the Reverend Mr.____, and is surprised to see a little girl with eyes just like her sister’s open the door.

She is taken in by the reverend and his wife, Samuel and Corrine, and takes care of the children, Adam and Olivia. She finds happiness and friends within the...

(The entire section is 989 words.)