The Color Purple Letters 49–51: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 49–51: Summary and Analysis

Shug asks Celie many questions about Nettie, because Nettie was the only girl Celie ever loved. Celie tells her that she has been waiting every day for all of these years for a letter from Nettie, but she never wrote. After this conversation, Shug starts hanging out with Mr.____ again, which shocks and pains Grady and Celie.

It soon becomes clear why Shug is doing this, however. After a week Shug gives Celie a letter from Nettie, which Mr.____ took out of his mailbox and hid in his coat pocket. Obviously, Mr.____ has been hiding these letters from Celie all of this time. Hearing about this causes Celie to temporarily lose her mind. She fantasizes about murdering him, and even approaches him from...

(The entire section is 680 words.)