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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 45–48 Summary

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 355

Shug has been traveling and earning a living, and she has achieved a high level of success. She communicates to Mr.____ and Celie that she will be returning home for Christmas and has an exciting surprise for them. Upon learning that Shug's surprise is her new husband, Grady, Mr.____ and Celie are surprised, and Celie has a negative feeling towards him right away. Despite this, they treat him kindly and make him feel at home during their vacation, during which Mr.____ spends most of the time drinking with him.

Celie frequently engages in conversations with Shug, who currently possesses a residence and an extensive collection of 100 attractive dresses in Memphis. During one of their interactions, Shug inquires about Celie's life with Mr. ____, following her intervention to stop him from physically assaulting his spouse. Celie responds by stating that although Mr. ____ makes an attempt to be intimate with her, he is unsuccessful in his attempts, and she believes she may still be a virgin.

When the subject of sex comes up, Celie tells Shug about the time her father raped her. She starts crying when she finally tells Shug about it since she has been holding all of the hurt and shame in for so long.

Next, she vents her frustration at Mr.____, who she claims will never stop "clam on top of me" regardless of how she may be feeling. She continues by saying, "nobody ever love me," with a sad expression on her face. As a response, Shug says, "I love you, Miss Celie," before kissing her. Celie is taken aback, but she eventually returns Shug's kiss, and the two of them end up falling asleep in one other's arms after kissing and touching each other until they fall asleep.

At a party where everyone is gathered, Shug compliments Mary Agnes on her lovely voice and offers her guidance on pursuing a singing career. Harpo begins to object, but Shug ignores him. Shug also observes Grady making romantic gestures towards Squeak, but doesn't draw attention to it. Celie attempts to like Grady, but is put off by the way he addresses Shug as "Mama".

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