The Color Purple Letters 45–48: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 45–48: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Grady: Shug’s new husband

Shug has been on the road and making money, and is now very successful. She writes to Mr.____ and Celie that she is coming home for Christmas and has a big surprise for them. Mr.____ and Celie are shocked to discover that the surprise is Grady, Shug’s new husband. Celie knows “the minute she say [that they are married] that I don’t like Grady.” Nevertheless, they make him feel welcome. Mr.____ spends most of the vacation drinking with him.

Celie spends a lot of time talking with Shug, who now owns a house in Memphis and 100 pretty dresses. Shug asks her if she has had a better life with Mr.____ ever since Shug convinced him...

(The entire section is 946 words.)