The Color Purple Letters 37–41: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 37–41: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Odessa: Sofia’s sister

Miss Millie: the mayor’s wife

The Mayor: town official

Squeak asks Celie why Harpo has been so morose lately, and Celie tells her about the scandal that has shocked the entire family. Sofia has been arrested for attacking the mayor. One day she went to town with Buster and the children when the mayor’s wife stopped them. The mayor’s wife, Miss Millie, coos over Sofia’s children. She thinks that they are so cute, she asks Sofia if she wants to be her maid. When Sofia refuses, the mayor slaps her for not being respectful. Mr.____ simply says “you know what happen if somebody slap Sofia” and Celie doesn’t feel...

(The entire section is 1258 words.)