The Color Purple Letters 32–36: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 32–36: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Swain: Harpo’s friend

Henry “Buster” Broadnax: Sofia’s new companion

Squeak (Mary Agnes): Harpo’s new girlfriend

Six months after Sofia leaves, Harpo has become a different man. He takes his old house, and builds a jukejoint (bar and nightclub) along with his partner, Swain. No one comes to the new place, so Harpo begs Shug to perform at his bar. Shug, who by now has almost fully recovered, agrees to perform, and the club fills up in anticipation of her arrival.

Celie is excited that she will finally get an opportunity to hear Shug perform. Mr.____ does not want Celie to be there, but Shug insists upon it. Celie and Mr.____...

(The entire section is 1459 words.)