The Color Purple Letters 28–31: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 28–31: Summary and Analysis

One night while Sofia and Celie are making another quilt together, Sofia asks Celie why a man eats. Sofia tells her that Harpo has been eating voraciously for the last few days, even though he isn’t hungry. Neither one of them can figure out why he would do this to himself. The next time he visits Celie he begins to go through the pantry and eat whatever food he can get his hands on. Celie doesn’t understand this at all, especially since Harpo doesn’t seem to be enjoying the food that he is eating.

Harpo grows fat, and one night shows up at Celie’s, this time crying and with two black eyes. Celie accuses him of bothering Sofia and wonders why he would do such a thing to a wonderful woman....

(The entire section is 1045 words.)