The Color Purple Letters 22–27: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 22–27: Summary and Analysis

The news goes out all over town that Shug Avery is sick. Nobody wants to take her in, and she has been abandoned by her parents. Furthermore, the town seems to be delighted by Shug’s sickness; even the town preacher gives a thinly veiled sermon in which Shug is chastised for her lifestyle. Celie is outraged by this treatment of Shug but does nothing. Mr.____, on the other hand, quickly calls on Harpo to prepare the wagon, and he leaves town. He returns five days later with Shug Avery, and tells Celie to prepare the guest room.

Mr.____ tries to take care of Shug, but she is weak and unhappy from her sickness and pushes him away. Celie starts to take care of Shug on her own, and Shug begins to...

(The entire section is 1271 words.)