The Color Purple Letters 19–21: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 19–21: Summary and Analysis

Harpo wants to know why Sofia will not listen to his orders. Mr.____ tells his son that Sofia needs “a good sound beating.” While Celie likes Sofia, she advises Harpo to beat her also. The next time Harpo visits, he is heavily bruised on his face, and walks in on sore legs. Some time after that incident, Celie drops in on Sofia and Harpo’s place, only to find them viciously fighting. Their house is devastated from their struggle, and Celie walks back home.

Celie feels guilty for telling Harpo to beat Sofia, and has trouble sleeping for about a month. She understands that her greatest fear is that Sofia will find out. Eventually, Harpo confesses to Sofia that Celie told him to beat her, and...

(The entire section is 860 words.)