The Color Purple Letters 13-18: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 13-18: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Sofia Butler: Harpo’s new wife

Harpo starts to ask questions about Mr.____’s marriage and confesses to Celie that he is in love. Harpo met a girl in church and even though they haven’t even spoke to one another, he already plans to marry her. Meanwhile, Mr.____ becomes excited when Shug Avery comes to town to play in a nightclub. He fixes himself up in a way that he has never done for Celie. He tries to keep it from her, but Celie already knows. She wishes she could go and meet the woman she has pictured in her mind for so long. Mr.____ is gone for the weekend, and when he finally returns, he acts so strangely that Celie becomes even more curious about Shug. Even...

(The entire section is 1035 words.)