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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 13-18 Summary

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 298

Harpo begins to inquire about Mr. ___'s marital situation and reveals to Celie that he is experiencing romantic feelings. Harpo has encountered a girl at church and despite not having had any conversation with her, he is already considering marriage. At the same time, Mr. ___ becomes thrilled when Shug Avery arrives in town to perform at a nightclub.

Mr. ___ grooms himself in a manner he has never done for Celie. Although he attempts to conceal it from her, Celie is already aware. She desires to meet the woman she has imagined in her thoughts for a long time. Mr. ___ is away for the weekend, and upon his return, his behavior is peculiar, which makes Celie even more intrigued about Shug. Although she has many inquiries about Shug, Celie cannot obtain any answers.

Harpo's romance with Sofia Butler becomes serious, and he discloses to Celie that Sofia is expecting a child. Harpo had previously sought the blessing of Sofia's father, but was denied due to his mother's scandalous reputation. In an effort to gain approval, Harpo introduces Sofia to his own father, Mr. ___. However, Mr. ___ is skeptical of Sofia's intentions and refuses to permit the marriage, believing that Harpo is inexperienced and vulnerable to being deceived by Sofia. To this, Sofia responds with laughter and asserts that she has no need for Harpo or Mr.____'s possessions.

Sofia relocates to her sister's residence and informs Harpo that she will patiently wait for him until he's ready. However, since Harpo fails to persuade his father, he secretly ties the knot and brings Sofia and their newborn baby back home.

The couple settles into the shack situated at the back of Mr. ___'s property, and as a reward for his work at the farm, Mr. ___ presents his son with some cash.

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