The Color Purple Letters 10–12: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 10–12: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Olivia: Celie’s daughter, taken from Celie at birth

The Reverend Mr.____ (Samuel): Olivia’s adopted father and husband to Corrine

Corrine: Olivia’s adopted mother

Kate and Carrie: Mr.____’s sisters

While Celie is at the dry goods store with Mr.____, she sees her daughter walking with Corrine. She begins to talk with Corrine and finds her to be a friendly and kind woman. When Corrine’s husband is late picking them up, Celie offers a ride to her and Olivia. They are ready to accept, but the reverend comes by and whisks them away. Corrine tells Celie a joke as they leave, and Mr.____ wants to know why Celie is so happy as he...

(The entire section is 1072 words.)