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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 10–12 Summary

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During Celie's visit to the dry goods store with Mr. ___, she spots her daughter walking alongside Corrine. She strikes up a conversation with Corrine and discovers her to be a warm and affable person. Later, when Corrine and her daughter are left waiting for a ride, Celie offers to give them a lift, which they agree to, but they are interrupted by the arrival of a reverend who takes them away. As they depart, Corrine shares a joke with Celie, and upon Mr. ___'s emergence from the store, he notices Celie's upbeat demeanor and inquires about it.

After leaving her home, Nettie moves in with Celie and Mr. ___. However, Mr. ___, who still harbors feelings for Nettie, constantly praises her, which makes Nettie uneasy. To avoid his advances, she stays close to Celie. When Mr.____ realizes that Nettie is not interested in him, he informs Celie that Nettie must leave the following day.

Celie instructs Nettie to visit the reverend's residence and seek out his wife as she is the sole woman Celie knows of who possesses wealth. Nettie departs but implores Celie to resist the unjust treatment she endures from Mr.____ and his offspring. Celie advises Nettie to correspond with her, but unfortunately, she never receives any letters from Nettie again.

On multiple occasions, Kate and Carrie visit Celie and engage in banter with her about Mr.____'s former spouse, Annie Julia, while also praising her culinary skills. During one of Kate's visits, she persuades her brother to purchase a dress for Celie, but when Kate instructs Harpo to do household chores independently, Harpo grumbles to his father.

Mr.____ forces his sister to leave the house, and Kate, who is crying, informs Celie that she can no longer offer assistance. Kate implores Celie to stand up for herself. Celie is uncertain how she can fight back, especially after witnessing Nettie having to flee her own family. Celie acknowledges that she is not content, but at least she is still alive.

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