Colonialism The Southern Colonies Quiz

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The Southern Colonies Quiz

This quiz focuses on the Southern English Colonies in North American during the 17th century. It includes influential people, events, geography, and vocabulary significant to the Southern Colonies.

  • Question 1

    In 1634, the second Southern colony founded on the Chesapeake Bay was

  • Question 2

    King Charles I supported _____________________ and gave him a proprietary colony located in Maryland.

  • Question 3

    Colonists living in Carolina fought wars against these two Native American tribes.

  • Question 4

    Maryland was created as a haven for this religious group.

  • Question 5

    In 1732, this man received a charter from King George III and built his settlement at Savannah. 

  • Question 6

    Planters imported African slaves to work the fields and cultivate this crop.

  • Question 7

    Many ____________ fled France to seek religious freedom in American by settling in Charleston.

  • Question 8

    Why were the Catholics banned from settling in Georgia?

  • Question 9

    James Oglethorpe was in favor of large plantations and slavery.

  • Question 10

    The flat land to the east of the Southern colonies that had nutrient rich soil was known as the __________________.

  • Question 11

    A distinct area of land that has definable characteristics is called a

  • Question 12

    Name of King Charles II's colonies in North America.

  • Question 13

    The _________________ forbade religous persecution.

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