Colonialism New England Colonies Quiz

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New England Colonies Quiz

This quiz covers facts about the New England Colonies, as well as the influential people who impacted the colonies. 

  • Question 1

    The Puritans valued

  • Question 2

    The Puritan theologian who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for "new and dangerous ideas"

  • Question 3

    First governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony and Puritan leader

  • Question 4

    The Separatists fled to _____________ to avoid persecution.

  • Question 5

    This religious group was persecuted by the Puritans because of their tolerant beliefs

  • Question 6

    The goal of the Separatists was to

  • Question 7

    The group of English reformed Protestants were known as

  • Question 8

    Pilgrims settled in

  • Question 9

    Roger William founded this colony at

  • Question 10

    The Puritans settled in

  • Question 11

    Separatists were known as

  • Question 12

    The movement of thousands of English settlers to New England during the 1630s was known as the

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