Colonialism The Middle Colonies and Backcountry in the 18th Century Quiz

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The Middle Colonies and Backcountry in the 18th Century Quiz

This quiz focuses on the important events, influential people, locations, and vocabulary terms associated with the Middle Colonies and Backcountry in the 18th century.

  • Question 1

    The first group to speak out against slavery were the

  • Question 2

    Immigrants from ____________ and _____________ settled in Pennsylvania. They were known for their craftsmanship and hard work. 

  • Question 3

    The _____________ extended through the western parts of many colonies.

  • Question 4

    The French settled in 

  • Question 5

    In 1750, 15 percent of the population in the Middle colonies was enslaved.

  • Question 6

    The Dutch and Quakers practiced religious 

  • Question 7

    Water falls that prevented large boats from moving upriver. 

  • Question 8

    The _______________ Mountains stretched from Canada to Alabama.

  • Question 9

    This group of tolerant Protestant dissenters settled in Pennsylvania amd developed positive relationships with Indians.

  • Question 10

    Many Germans arrived in Pennsylvania between ______ and ________ as indentured servants. 

  • Question 11

    This important city in Pennsylvania was founded near the mouth of the Delaware River.

  • Question 12

    A distinct religious group.

  • Question 13

    The name given to people who immigrated from Scotland and England.

  • Question 14

    Middle colonies enjoyed longer growing seasons than the New England colonies.

  • Question 15

    These types of wagons featured covered roofs, curved beds, and large wheels.

  • Question 16

    William Penn promised to treat Native Americans with kindness and respect. 

  • Question 17

    Another name for a craftsman 

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