The Colonial Economy

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How did the Navigation Act of 1660 impact the colonies?

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The Navigation Act of 1660 impacted the colonies negatively by forbidding the shipment of any goods on a non-English ship. Also, it forced the colonies to ship numerous goods, such as sugar, wool, and tobacco, to England before it could be traded with other countries. Moreover, the colonists had to pay duties on these goods when they shipped them to England as well.

This negatively affected the colonial economy. Up until that point, the colonies enjoyed a positive trade relationship with many nations. The economy was growing and developing. This essentially put a stop to all of that, with England now monopolizing its colonial possessions in the New World. The Navigation Acts brought a halt to any economic gain in the colonies because it limited the seller to one single country. When the colonies responded with a new focus in other areas such as manufacturing, England responded with laws against that as well. This ultimately led to more resentment of England by the colonists.

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