(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Colomba della Rebbia

Colomba della Rebbia (koh-LOHM-bah dehl-lah REHB-bee-ah), who demands the death of her family’s blood enemy, Barricini, for the murder of her father. She considers the evidence of his innocence faked. She vainly tries to rouse her brother to murder him. Later, she learns from the broken Barricini that he had indeed faked the proof of his innocence. She feels no sympathy for him in his adversity; instead, she finds satisfaction in the belief that her father’s blood is thus avenged.

Lieutenant Orso della Rebbia

Lieutenant Orso della Rebbia, of Napoleon’s army, Colomba’s brother. He refuses to murder Barricini as his sister demands. He is accused of murdering two sons of Barricini, but he is cleared when Colonel Nevil testifies that the sons first ambushed Orso. He marries Lydia.

Lawyer Barricini

Lawyer Barricini (bahr-ree-CHEE-nee), the mayor of the village and the suspected murderer of Orso’s father.

Two sons of Barricini

Two sons of Barricini, who ambush Orso but are shot by him.

Colonel Sir Thomas Nevil

Colonel Sir Thomas Nevil, an Irish officer who has come to Corsica to hunt. He testifies that Orso’s shooting of Barricini’s sons was in self-defense.

Lydia Nevil

Lydia Nevil, his daughter, who wants to leave the settlement of crime to the law.