Colin Cotterill Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Colin Cotterill was born October 2, 1952, in London and grew up near Wimbledon, where he was an avid reader of comic books, material that inspired his own love of illustration. He attended Berkshire College, earning a teacher-training diploma in 1975, and afterward embarked on a career as a teacher, teaching instructor, and curriculum developer that led him to various parts of the world. He was a physical education instructor in Israel before moving to Australia, where from he taught grades four through six at Corpus Christi in Glenroy, Victoria. In Perth, Western Australia, Cotterill worked with refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma as a teacher with the Migrant Education Department (1978-1979), an experience that spurred his further interest in Southeast Asia. After receiving a graduate diploma at Sydney University, Cotterill worked in New South Wales as an adult migrant educator (1980-1982) and as a materials developer (1985-1986). Between stints, he taught (1982-1983) at Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan.

From 1986 to 1988, Cotterill served as teacher and curriculum developer at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. For the next two years, working in the television department of Open University in Nonthaburi, Thailand, he was writer, producer, editor, and actor in a nationally broadcast, English-language teaching program in the form of a situation comedy series, English by Accident.

Between 1990 and 1994, under the...

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