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The Cold Moons

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Into the idyllic atmosphere of the English springtime comes a monstrous threat to a small colony of badgers. Man with his dogs, guns, and poison gases has vowed to kill all badgers, whom he wrongly believes are spreading disease. One badger miraculously escapes and, following his instincts, journeys into Wales, where he is able to warn the nearly four hundred badgers of the ancient Cilgwyn colony to flee for their lives. Not surprisingly, some members of the colony are reluctant to leave, but man’s unceasing advance leaves them no choice.

In the course of their odyssey, they must battle the forces of nature, renegade badgers, and man’s powerful weapons of extermination. Survival is in the hands of the marvelously intelligent and intuitive rulers of the colony, who lead their families and friends with unswerving courage, faith, and selflessness. Though they lose nearly one third of their number, all obstacles are eventually overcome, and a new homeland is established in the long-sought Elysia.

Reflecting exhaustive research on both the habits and habitats of badgers, THE COLD MOONS was inspired by an organized attempt in Great Britain in the early 1970’s totally to exterminate badgers. Though written as seen through the badgers’ eyes, the story never loses its aura of authenticity. This skillfully crafted and poignant tale will touch the hearts of all its readers and sensitize them to the right of all animals to live safely and freely.