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(Great Characters in Literature)

Flora Poste

Flora Poste, a recently orphaned young woman, nineteen years old. She is left with an endowment of one hundred pounds a year. Because her expensive education has not prepared her to earn a living, she decides to leave London and stay with relatives until she finds someone she chooses to marry. She stays with the Starkadders, an aunt and various cousins who reside at Cold Comfort Farm in Howling, Sussex. Her relatives and the farmhands are a rude, filthy, and quarrelsome bunch; the farmhouse is deteriorating, and the livestock are neglected. Flora hears there is a mysterious curse on the farm that keeps the Starkadders in squalor and emotional turmoil, and she decides to tidy up her relatives’ lives. With unfailing good manners, plentiful help from her London friends, hard work, and her book of common sense, Flora manages to achieve her goal and her heart’s desire.

Ada Doom Starkadder

Ada Doom Starkadder, the sister of Flora’s deceased mother and acknowledged head of the Starkadder family. She lives in one of the farmhouse’s upper rooms, which she rarely leaves, and controls the entire family with threats of having an “attack” if any member leaves the farm. As a child, Ada saw “something nasty in the woodshed” and has convinced the others that she never recovered from the shock. Her madness takes the form of demanding to know everything that goes on, and she has an attack unless she goes over the farm’s books twice a week. Her attacks escalate when the family members start to leave, one by one, but Flora convinces Aunt Ada to give up her miserable life and seek happiness.

Judith Starkadder

Judith Starkadder, Flora’s cousin. She is married to Amos...

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