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What are three physical and personality traits of Dick and Perry in In Cold Blood?

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In In Cold Blood, Perry has small, deformed legs, is bi-racial, and has weak kidneys. His personality is child-like, nostalgic, and shaped by a traumatic upbringing. Dick, on the other hand, is tall, lean, and considered normal-looking. He is charismatic, resentful of educated people, and attracted to young girls. Unlike Perry, Dick is more relaxed and confident.

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Perry, 3 physical traits:

1.  Perry has small, deformed legs and a muscular upper body as a result of a motorcycle accident.

2.  He is bi-racial, half Irish and half Cherokee Indian.

3.  He has weak kidneys from improper nutrition as a child, which consequently caused him to wet the bed, and caused him much embarrassment and punishment as a child.

Perry, 3 personality traits

1.  Perry seems more child-like that Dick.  He worries constantly about whether they will get caught and prefers root beer to alcohol or coffee.

2.  Perry has trouble letting go of his past.  He brings to large boxes full of letters, pictures and other memorabilia with him wherever he goes.

3.  Perry's terribly upbringing, including being abandoned by his mother, following his father around to various parts of the country, having no formal education, and the suicide deaths of two sibling, may have led to his current state as an outlaw and feeling of not belonging in society.

Dick, 3 physical traits

1.  Dick is considered the normal looking one between him and Perry.  He is white and from a middle-class family.

2.  Dick has a tall, lean build.  He played sports throughout his high school career, mainly football.

3.  Dick is more relaxed than Perry.  He consistently believes that everything will be fine, and has an easier time eating and sleeping than Perry.  Dick has also been married before and has children with his ex-wife, Carol.

Dick, 3 personality traits

1.  Dick is charismatic, allowing that, rather than his intelligence, to steer most of his life.

2.  Dick did poorly in school and resents the people who were able to go to college.

3.  Dick is attracted to young girl and his openly homophobic, though he calls Perry "honey" and "baby" throughout most of the book.  Dick seems more the "natural born killer", as it is his plan to "score" at the Clutter house.

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