In Cold Blood Part 3, Chapters 19-24 Summary

Truman Capote

Part 3, Chapters 19-24 Summary

Perry’s story is vague; he feels too shaken to remember the details of what he and Dick had decided to say should they ever get caught. Alone in his cell, he worries that Dick will break and tell everything. That afternoon, in another round of questioning, Perry admits that the story of going to Fort Scott was a lie to fool Dick’s parents, who did not want him to leave town and break parole. Dick breaks and says Perry killed the Clutters. He passes out as he leaves the cell.

The people of Holcomb feel relief when they hear news of the arrest. They wait for the return of the prisoners, who are being driven back from Nevada.

In the car, Perry gives his account of what happened. As they drove up to the...

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