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What would be the most effective way for an expert in applied arts to develop creative problem-solving skills?

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Applied art experts are professionals who work in areas such as fashion design, industrial, graphic, and interior design, photography, and some forms of architecture.  Experts in applied art are often very creative and flexible-thinking individuals who have a natural ability of switching perspectives, as well as their perceptions, of the world around them. Tasks that involve estimating, predicting outcomes, setting goals, and cognitive-perceptive analysis often come naturally for people who are attracted to these fields.

Problem solving is an ever-present process in the lives of applied arts experts because their work often involves multitasking and switching from the left to the right side of the brain: for instance, a fashion designer will use the right side of their brain to summon long term memory images of colors, shapes, and forms. Then, the left side of the brain will be used for the calculating, estimating, and measurement of the actual materials that make up the fashion that is to be created.

The best way to induce more skills for problem solving is by maintaining a goal-oriented, measurement-based, and multitasking environment that continuously makes the brain more flexible and active. An effective model is the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving model and it involves the following tasks:

  • Objective finding
  • Fact finding
  • Problem finding
  • Idea finding
  • Solution finding
  • Acceptance finding

This method of problem solving aims to have the individual clearly define a goal, collect the actual possible ways to get there, and reaching a conclusion as to what is really the issue at hand. Through the process of finding creative ideas you get to a solution. In persons that have careers in applied arts these processes will come far easier because applied artists already have an inherent ability to function under a diversity of paradigms.

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