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Code Girls by Liza Mundy (published in 2017) tells the story of the women involved in codebreaking during World War II. The novel is divided into three parts: Part I: "In the Event of Total War Women Will Be Needed," Part II: "Over All This Vast Expanse of Waters Japan Was Supreme," and Part III: "The Tide Turns".

The title quote from Part I was taken from U.S. Navy rear admiral Leigh Noyes, who wrote a letter to Ada Comstock, the president of Radcliffe College as part of the women's recruitment effort in 1941. The recruitment effort targeted women who were skilled in languages and mathematics, especially at elite women's colleges in New England.

The impeccably researched novel is drawn from Navy memos from the WWII era, as well as transcripts of women to their families, and successfully highlights the life and work of the tens of thousands of women working to break code during WWII.