The Cocktail Party

by T. S. Eliot

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Topics for Further Study

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Research tribes that practice cannibalism and compare to Eliot's depiction of the people of Kinkanja. How accurate was he?

What kind of music would be playing at The Cocktail Party? Explore sophisticated dinner music of the 1940s and make a tape that reflects the mood in the Chamberlaynes' drawing room.

Write a short story featuring Sir Henry's nurse/ secretary, Miss Barraway. What does she do when she is off duty?

What Christian symbolism does Eliot use in this play? Refer to outside sources if you need help identifying it.

Eliot probably had somebody in mind when he mentioned Bela Szogodny, the movie studio boss, in this play. Do some research on the Hollywood studio system in the 1940s. On whom do you think Szogodny may have been based?

Cast this play as a movie, using current movie stars. Why did you choose the actors you did?

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