Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales Critical Essays

Alison Lurie


(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Lurie has achieved wide recognition not only as a writer for children but also as a social critic and adult novelist and essayist. Her overriding concern when she approaches children’s literature is the degree to which all readers can understand the issues that connect literature for young readers with that for adults. She perceives a real danger in the separation of the two and prizes especially the degree to which children’s fiction stands as a challenge to social conventions. As in her successful adult fiction, including Pulitzer Prize-winning Foreign Affairs (1985), Lurie presents characters who upset traditional values. She includes children as important protagonists in the struggle for a wiser and more just life, and she has been a leading feminist whose interests have taken in the ways in which stereotyped images of female weakness and passivity have been passed down through the ages through folktales and fairy tales, as well as through other means.

Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales is part of Lurie’s longtime interest in redirecting popular understanding of gender roles toward more socially responsible and realistic aims. She explains in her introduction to the collection that these tales reflect a different reality from the stereotypical one of a passive and completely dependent female character who awaits a male rescuer. She insists that women have always played a major role in the affairs of society and that most stories do not reflect this fact because of the historical dominance of men in selecting what was deemed appropriate to be preserved and recorded. Lurie proposes an honesty that would praise the “subversive” nature of children’s literature as a force that has the potential for reforming abuses in society. Ten years after this collection, she published her essays on children’s literature and social reform as Don’t Tell the Grown-ups (1990); these writings are anticipated by the selection of tales in Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales, in which each story shows the accomplishments of wise, brave, and adept female characters.