Claudian Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


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Historical novel, originally published in Dutch, that speculates on Claudian's life and the possibility that he was Jewish.


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Explains how Claudian can be used to confirm the date of compilation of the Notitia Dignitatum.

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Exegetical and critical notes for various passages from In Rufinum.

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Contends that Claudian's political poems reflected the changing political situation of his times, mirroring the changes in Stilicho's policies.

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Argues that Claudian's defense of Stilicho in De Bello Getico indicates the existence of opposition to Stilicho's regency.

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Explores Claudian's use of imagery to support his political ideas.

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Contends that Claudian's seemingly contradictory views of Rome were actually consistent with reality and that he never lost faith in its future.

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Includes account of Alaric's first invasion of Italy and its treatment by Claudian.

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Stresses aspects of Claudian's work that he believes hold special relevance to the modern reader.

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Includes definitive catalogue of manuscripts. An excerpt from this work is included above.

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Critical explanation for scholars, using Levy's 1935 translation as text.