Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

Clarice Lispector achieved almost equal success in the short story and the novel. Her novels include Perto do coração selvagem (1944; Near to the Wild Heart, 1990), O lustre (1946; the chandelier), A cidade sitiada (1949; the besieged city), A maçã no escuro (1961; The Apple in the Dark, 1967), Água viva (1973; The Stream of Life, 1989), and A hora da estrela (1977; The Hour of the Star, 1986). Lispector also wrote a limited number of works for children, the most famous of these being O mistério do coelho pensante (1967; the mystery of the thinking rabbit) and A mulher que matou os peixes (1968; the woman who killed the fish). She also wrote nonfiction prose pieces.