Other literary forms

(World Poets and Poetry)

Though primarily known as a poet, the prolific Claribel Alegría (ahl-ay-GREE-ah) has published in a range of genres, sometimes in collaboration with her husband and principal translator, Darwin “Bud” J. Flakoll. Alegría and Flakoll collaborated on the novel Cenizas de Izalco (1966; Ashes of Izalco, 1989), on a translation of the poems of Robert Graves (1981), on the anthology New Voices of Hispanic America (1962), and on the testimonials Nicaragua: La revolución sandinista, una crónica política, 1855-1979 (1982; Nicaragua: the Sandinista revolution, a political chronicle, 1855-1979), Para romper el silencio: Resistencia y lucha en las cárceles salvadoreñas (1984; to break the silence: resistance and struggle in Salvadoran prisons), and Fuga de Canto Grande (1992; Tunnel to Canto Grande, 1996). Alegría also has published novellas, three of which are collected in Album familiar (1982, 1986; Family Album: Three Novellas, 1991), as well as essays and children’s literature. She has also edited poetry collections.