How has the war in "Civil Peace" enhanced Jonathan's appreciation for his life?

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The war has enhanced Jonathan's appreciation for his life by making him count his blessings. Many people suffered and died in the war, but Jonathan still has his family, some money, and a roof over his head.

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The Nigerian Civil War (1967–70) was a particularly bloody, bitter conflict that claimed the lives of millions, most of them through starvation. Under the circumstances, then, Jonathan Iwegbu counts himself incredibly lucky, as we learn from the very first line of “Civil Peace.” He and his family are still alive, they have a roof over their head, and they even have some money thanks to his hard work.

Jonathan appreciates everything he has because he knows just how easily he and his loved ones could've perished during the war. Whole families were wiped out in Nigeria during this tragic episode in the nation's history, and the Iwegbus could easily have been among them.

Because Jonathan considers himself very lucky, and because he's able to count his blessings, he adopts a stoical attitude when a gang of thieves comes to his house and demands money. Far from getting into a panic about the situation, he muses that the loss is nothing. As with so many others things in the Nigerian Civil War, it's a case of easy come, easy go.

The conflict has turned Jonathan into a stoic, someone able to move on from adversity without too much fuss. All things considered, he knows he could've had it much worse.

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