The City and Literature Representative Works* - Essay

Representative Works*

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

S. Y. Agnon

Sippur Pashut 1935

Horatio Alger

Helen Ford 1866

Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Bootblacks 1868

Nelson Algren

The Neon Wilderness (short stories) 1947

The Man with the Golden Arm 1950

Sherwood Anderson

Dark Laughter 1925

Sholem Asch

East River 1946

Paul Auster

City of Glass 1985

Ghosts 1986

The Locked Room 1986

Donald Barthelme

City Life (short stories) 1970

Saul Bellow

The Victim 1947

The Adventures of Augie March 1953

Leonard Bishop

Down All Your Streets 1952

Days of My Love 1953

Thomas Boyd

In Time of Peace 1935

Charles Brockden Brown

Arthur Mervyn 1800

Claude Brown

Manchild in the Promised Land 1965

Eugene Brown

Trespass 1952

William Burroughs

Naked Lunch 1959

Abraham Cahan


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