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Where was the novel The Citadel first published?

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The Citadel, written by A.J. Cronin, a physician and author, was published by Ryerson Press in September 1937. Ryerson, a Canadian publishing company, is based in Toronto.  It was operated by the United Church Publishing House from 1919-1970, and specialized in historical, educational, and literary titles.  In 1970, when UCPH sold its trade publishing arm to McGraw-Hill, the Canadian division was renamed McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

The Citadel enjoyed more than a dozen reprintings before the year of 1937 was out. The book was the basis for a relatively faithful adaptation into a feature film of the same name in 1938. Though A.J. Cronin suffered ostracism by his profession because of his liberal views, curiously enough in the following decade, The Citadel is said to have paved the road for public acceptance of Britain’s National Health Service.

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