The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child

by Francisco Jiménez

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Chapter 5 Summary

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“El Angel de Oro” is a neighbor’s goldfish that Francisco enjoys watching when the family lives in a cabin in Corcoran, where they pick cotton. Papa is worried because the rain keeps falling, and the family cannot work and earn money. Francisco, now in third grade, goes to school with his friend Miguelito, and the boys play and laugh together.

Francisco wonders if the neighbor’s goldfish gets lonely, and he watches the fish in the creek behind their cabin. Miguelito suggests that they make fishing poles and catch some fish, and Francisco is eager to try it. The next day, though, Miguelito’s family suddenly moves, and Francisco is left alone again.

The streets of the laborers’ little village flood due to the heavy rain, and many fish get trapped in the muddy puddles when the water subsides. Francisco grabs an empty coffee can and hurries to save the suffocating fish. He then leaves the coffee can with one little fish in it on the neighbor’s doorstep. Later he sees the fish and the goldfish swimming together.

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