Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Arnold Champion-Cheney

Arnold Champion-Cheney, a member of Parliament and owner of a country estate, Aston-Adey. About thirty-five years of age, he is tall and good-looking, fair complexioned with a clean-cut and sensitive face. Impeccably dressed, he is an example of the prim and proper upper-class Englishman. Although politics is his career, his primary interest appears to be collecting antique furniture. Although he loves his wife of three years, he lacks passion and has little interest in sex; he has no inkling that he stands on the verge of losing her. As a gentleman, he shows himself capable of generosity but is averse to self-sacrifice.

Elizabeth Champion-Cheney

Elizabeth Champion-Cheney, Arnold’s wife, a charming, pretty woman in her early twenties. Taken for granted by her husband, she is a romantic at heart, idealizing human love relationships. She is truthful, frank, tolerant, and witty, a good hostess. Her husband’s career and enthusiasm for antiques leave her cold.

Clive Champion-Cheney

Clive Champion-Cheney, Arnold’s father, formerly a member of Parliament, now an affluent upper-class Englishman living in retirement. A single man in his early sixties, he is tall with gray hair, dresses carefully, and bears himself with dignity. Highly intelligent, he is a man of the world. His ample wit turns toward the caustic and at times sarcastic. His unexpected arrival at the...

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