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Henri d’Effiat

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Henri d’Effiat (ahn-REE dehf-FYAH), marquis of Cinq-Mars (sah[n]-mahr), a real-life character in France’s first historical novel. He serves the king through his hatred of Cardinal Richelieu and his desire for permission to marry Marie de Gonzaga. As a conspirator, he signs a secret treaty providing for help from Spain, then tells Marie about it in the presence of the priest, a spy, who affiances them. He is beheaded.

Cardinal Richelieu

Cardinal Richelieu (ree-sheh-LYEEUH), who, to maintain power with the king, has the messenger with Cinq-Mars’ treaty killed at the Spanish frontier. He resigns as minister of state in order to force the helpless King Louis XIII to increase his power.

King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII (lwee), who makes Cinq-Mars an officer in his guards. After Richelieu’s resignation, he is unable to handle the affairs of the kingdom alone, and he reappoints Richelieu, giving him permission to kill the conspirators.

Marie de Gonzaga

Marie de Gonzaga (gohn-ZAH-gah), duchess of Mantua, who loves Cinq-Mars though she is destined to become queen of Poland.

Anne of Austria

Anne of Austria, who tries to protect the king and their son, the future Louis XIV, from the ambitious Richelieu.

François August de Thou

François August de Thou (frahn-SWAH oh-GEWST deh tew), a friend of Cinq-Mars, beheaded as a conspirator.

The Duke de Bouillon

The Duke de Bouillon (bew-YOHN), estranged from the king by Richelieu.

Gaston d’Orléans

Gaston d’Orléans (gas-TOHN dohr-lay-AHN), brother of the king, banished by Richelieu.

Marshal Bassompierre

Marshal Bassompierre (ba-sohn-PYEHR), an enemy of Richelieu arrested at the home of Cinq-Mars.

Urbain Grandier

Urbain Grandier (ur-BAN grahn-DYAY), a monk of Loudun, executed as a magician by order of Richelieu.

The Abbé Quillet

The Abbé Quillet (kee-YAY), Cinq-Mars’ former tutor, who defends Grandier.

A judge

A judge, Richelieu’s agent at the trial of Grandier. Cinq-Mars strikes him in the face with a red-hot cross that had been given to Grandier to kiss.

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