Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Cinna (SIH-nuh), the grandson of Pompey. In love with Amelia, he seeks to win her hand by avenging her father’s death through the murder of Emperor Augustus, whom he regards as a tyrant. He is finally led to remorse for his evil intentions by the emperor’s display of forgiveness, mercy, and generosity.


Amelia, who is loved by Cinna. She asks, as a provision of their marriage, that he avenge her father by murdering Emperor Augustus. Long remorseless in her demands for revenge, she is finally won over by the emperor’s nobility and clemency, takes blame for the plot on herself, and gives her friendship to Augustus.


Augustus, the emperor of Rome. He discovers, among those he loves and trusts, a plot to take his life. the emperor, through his mercy and forgiveness, causes remorse among the conspirators and wins their admiration and friendship.


Livia, the empress of Rome. She commends her husband’s generosity and mercy to all future rulers.


Maximus, Cinna’s friend and fellow conspirator.


Fulvia (FOOL-vee-uh), Amelia’s friend and confidante.


Evander (eh-VAN-dur), Cinna’s freedman.


Euphorbus (ew-FOHR-buhs), Maximus’ freedman and fellow conspirator.


Polyclitus (pol-ih-KLI-tuhs), Augustus’ freedman.