What can be a hook for an analysis of Finding Forrester ?

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I think that in constructing any engaging opening to an analysis, it is important to make sure that what is being offered is representative of what will be addressed in the essay.  This means, for example, developing a hook that will be revisited in the course of the writing.  A hook for Finding Forrester would be something along the lines of a collision between urban youth and isolated writing.  Rob and William Forrester are from two fundamentally different worlds, with two fundamentally divergent set of values.  I think that being able to use this as a hook makes sense because it is the fundamental hook of the film.  Van Sant's work thrives on the idea that their differences are where convergence is possible.  It would not work if both were from the same worlds.  Their difference is where unity happens.  Through that which is separate, cohesion happens.  This would make a good hook for a writing on the film because it is one the basic elements of the film.  Forrester's "You're the man now, dog" is critical because it is spoken from one who would normally never express such a sentiment.  It is here where a  good hook in analysis could be evident as it provides the basic hook for the film.

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