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What are some examples of movies that tell you about friends who help each other and how they solve their difficulties?

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I immediately thought of two movies that fit your description: The film version of S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders (directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1983) is a realistic look at two groups of teenagers' lives on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma during mid-'60s. Few adults appear in the film, and the boys--both greasers and Socs--rely on each other for emotional and physical support. When Ponyboy and Johnny face murder charges after the death of a Soc, both their greaser pals and Soc acquaintances come to their defense. Steel Magnolias (1989) is another example of friends bonding together--this time women. Set in Louisiana, husbands take a back seat to the six strong but delicate women ("steel magnolias") who help each other in and out of their troublesome personal and family problems. Death comes to one of the main characters (Shelby, played by Julia Roberts), but a new generation is ready to emerge when Annelle (Daryl Hannah) decides to name her baby after Shelby. Male buddy movies such as Midnight Run (1988, with Robert DeNiro) portray adversaries who get in and out of trouble but who come to love one another by the end of the film.

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