In Stalag 17 how does the portrayal of American soldiers seem consistent with American values?

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There seems to be some challenging wording in the question.  I think that the film depicts the soldiers as ones who believe in the power of solidarity and social cohesion.  The soldiers are not necessarily shown as ones who are predisposed to targeting and scapegoating.  For example, when they believe Sefton to be the spy in the camp, the prisoners take to redistributing his significant gains.  When Sefton convinces them of Price's guilt as the spy, they help in creating a distraction so that Sefton and Dunbar can escape.  The prisoners do not lose sight of their opposition to the Germans and display a strong level of solidarity and unity with one another.  In many circumstances, the film represents the ideals that are so commonly associated with America and the values that Americans themselves shought to display to everyone.  In this idea, depicting these ideals when Americans are in prison helps to enhance the idea that these values are universal, yet commonly associated as part of the American sense of character.

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