Discuss the importance of the setting in Finding Forrester.

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There are several settings that are vitally important.  Forrester's apartment is an important setting because it is the realm to which Forrester has retired, away from the world.  This setting is the one domain that makes sense to Forrester, following logic and rules, one of which being to directly not interact with the world.  Another setting is the private school to which Jamal is accepted.  On on hand, this world represents a domain that respects intellectual inquiry and the creation of art, something that Forrester should be able to embrace.  On the other hand, the hypocrisy of the school in terms of accepting Jamal because of his athletic skills represents yet another reason why Forrester has fled from the world.  Additionally, the pseudo- intellectual approach to Forrester's and all literature is another setting that further confirms Forrester's desire to withdraw from the world.    It is in this realm where Jamal finds that a choice has to be made between conforming to these standards or relying on his personal sense of voice, something that Forrester helped him find.  In the end, the settings play a vital role in the film as they reflect the characters whose choices define the plot.

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