by Marissa Meyer

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Student Question

On which page of the book "Cinder" is Cinder's age mentioned?

Expert Answers

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I will start with the "bad" news. The novel, Cinder, never actually tells readers exactly how old Cinder is. Readers have to piece it together as they read the story. Cinder is a sixteen year old, but we are not ever told that age. We are given a confirmed age of 11 at one point when Cinder is being asked about her past. She does not have much recollection of anything, but we are told in chapter six that it has been five years since that time. Garan is telling Cinder a little bit about her past, and he mentions that it has been five years since Garan left Cinder to Adri. He does not know why Garan left, but Adri agreed to care for her. If she was eleven, five years later would put her at 16.

"It has been five years since you became a part of this household, Cinder. Five years since Garan left you to me."

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