Cinder Chapter 29 Summary
by Marissa Meyer

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Chapter 29 Summary

Cinder stalks into her apartment and demands to know why she was arrested. She is not a criminal, and she was not even doing anything wrong. She does not intend to put up with this kind of treatment any longer.

Adri responds to this speech with a speech of her own. She has been tracking Cinder’s ID chip and knows that Cinder went to the palace, took a hover ride, and visited the warehouse district today. Adri asks what she was doing and how she got the money to pay for a hover. Cinder makes up a few lame excuses, but Adri dismisses them as lies. She says that from now on, Cinder has lost all trust. She will no longer be free to come and go as she pleases.

As it turns out, Adri is not only angry about Cinder’s mysterious movements through the city. She scanned Iko’s memory chip and learned that Cinder recently spent a large sum on a new cybernetic foot. This money was not Cinder’s to spend, and Adri says that intends to get it back. Her voice cracks when she adds that she needs the money for a funeral.

Cinder sighs and says that she can pay back the money, but Adri does not believe she can. She insists that Cinder give back her foot. Cinder stares at Adri, unable to believe that her stepmother would take her foot. But she does not have the right to refuse. The foot—like Cinder herself—belongs to Adri.

Defeated, Cinder heads for her room. Calling after her, Adri says, somewhat ominously, that she has already “begun selling off some unnecessary items.” The spare parts have been dumped in Cinder’s room, and Cinder will be expected to sell them off for extra money. Cinder feels the urge to attack Adri, but she decides against it. That will only land her in jail. If she keeps calm and sticks to her plan, she can get out of Adri’s life—and the Eastern Commonwealth—forever.

In her bedroom, Cinder sees what Adri meant about selling “unnecessary items.” On the pile of blankets Cinder uses for a bed is a pile of metal, including a spindly metal arm wearing a piece of ribbon as a bracelet. Cinder catches her breath, remembering the moment when Peony tied that ribbon around Iko's wrist. Adri has finally made good on her threat to scrap Iko for parts.

Appalled, Cinder sifts through the bits of metal, praying to find one “worthless” part in particular. After examining every scrap and screw, she finally finds what she is looking for. As Book Three of Cinder ends, she clutches the tiny object to her chest—Iko’s personality chip.