Cinder Chapter 25 Summary
by Marissa Meyer

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Chapter 25 Summary

Prince Kai takes Cinder into Dr. Erland’s office and explains that she fainted again. Dr. Erland promises to help, but he does not seem terribly concerned. Cinder notices that Kai is now looking at her differently, as if she is fragile. She finds this uncomfortable.

Before leaving, Kai gives Dr. Erland a small vial. He explains that it is an antidote to letumosis, a gift from Queen Levana. He asks Dr. Erland to try to duplicate it. The doctor promises to do his best, but it is clear that he is not optimistic.

When Kai leaves, Dr. Erland shouts at Cinder for coming to the castle today. He reminds her of the risk to her life. Cinder tells him that it is too late; the queen already saw her. She demands to know why Queen Levana's glamour affected her.

Sighing, Dr. Erland admits that Cinder’s stepfather invented a device called “a bioelectric security system.” This invention has two purposes. It allows Earthens to prevent Lunars from controlling their minds, and it prevents Lunars from manipulating bioelectric current to control others. Dr. Erland thinks that Cinder was adopted because her stepfather wanted to test his device.

It is hard for Cinder to stomach the idea of being a guinea pig for her stepfather’s experiments on top of everything else. Dr. Erland explains that the lock on her system has been good for her. Lunars, especially children, have difficulty controlling their strange abilities. If Cinder had not been prevented from using hers, she would almost certainly have drawn attention to herself on Earth. Some adult Lunars learn to control their gift, but doing so is unhealthy for them. It causes hallucinations and, eventually, insanity.

During his explanation, Dr. Erland lets slip that he, too, is a Lunar. This makes Cinder distrust him automatically, but he begs her to let go of her stereotypes. Some Earthen beliefs...

(The entire section is 491 words.)