Ciaran Carson Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

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The New Estate (poetry) 1976

The Irish for No (poetry) 1987

Belfast Confetti (poetry) 1993

First Language: Poems (poetry) 1994

Letters from the Alphabet (poetry) 1995

Last Night's Fun: A Book about Irish Traditional Music (essays and poetry) 1996; also published as Last Night's Fun: In and out of Time with Irish Music, 1997

Opera et Cetera (poetry) 1996

The Star Factory (memoir) 1997

The Twelfth of Never (poetry) 1998

The Ballad of the HMS Belfast: A Compendium of Belfast Poems (poetry) 1999

Fishing for Amber: A Long Story (fiction) 2000

Shamrock Tea (novel) 2000

Selected Poems (poetry) 2001