Chronicle of a Death Foretold

by Gabriel García Márquez

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Topics for Further Study

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  • Pedro Vicario suffers from a medical condition he acquired while in the military. What is the condition? Research its causes, symptoms, and treatments. Assume the role of a medical practitioner and create a presentation to inform your colleagues about the illness.
  • In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the narrator tells the story from a first-person omniscient point of view. Study the various literary points of view and explain why this is an unusual technique.
  • Literary critics often credit García Márquez with reviving Latin American literature. Why is this? Research the changes in Latin American literature from the 1920s through the 1980s and make reference to Márquez's contributions.
  • Critics have called García Márquez a master of the literary genre magical realism. What is magical realism? Where and how did it originate? Compare and contrast this Latin American genre with other genres or styles, such as science fiction/fantasy or prose poetry.
  • García Márquez refers to "the civil wars," particularly when he introduces Santiago Nasar's father, Ibrahim. Investigate the political history of Latin America to determine whether this reference is fact or fiction. Write a paper supporting your findings.
  • García Márquez is included in a group of writers referred to as the "Boom generation" in Latin America. Investigate Latin American culture to determine the following: Why do these writers have this distinction? When was the "Boom generation" prominent? Make a comparison to similar times and events in the United States' history, for example, the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Investigate Latin American culture to gain an understanding of the idea of "male honor." What is the view of male image in Latin American culture today? How has this affected the treatment of women in Latin America?

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