by Catherine Marshall

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Why is Christy impressed by Alice Henderson and her cabin?

Expert Answers

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Miss Alice's cabin has a noteworthy "bank of windows all across the back of the room [that] let the indoors in with the winter landscape and the  towering peaks like a gigantic mural" (59). 

Christy feels almost instant relief upon visiting Miss Alice's cabin; for Christy, Alice's cabin feels like a little slice of home.  She observes upon seeing her friend and mentor's cabin for the first time that she had not realized how homesick she was until she saw the cabin. Miss Alice's cabin is neat, well kept, and is a far cry from the rustic furnishings of other homes that Christy had visited in Cutter's Gap, like the Spencer's house.  Miss Alice's home reminds Christy of her comfortable own home in Asheville. 

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