by Catherine Marshall

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What does Christy reluctantly share with the Spencer children?

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Christy shares Mrs. Tatum's poke dinner with the Spencer family and children, John, Zady, Clare and Lulu on the way to Cutter Gap with Mr. Pentland.  At the time, she did not know their names of the children, but realizes on the first day of school who they are when she takes roll.  

Christy was reluctant to share her dinner with the Spencer family because she knew for a fact that Mrs. Tatum's good  dinner was clean and prepared safely whereas the mystery contents of the "big black pot of steaming cabbage" seemed unfamiliar and a more than a little questionable in its preparation (42).  Christy's reaction reveals her worry and inexperience with the new and startling environment she has been thrust into.  She is amused to see the Spencer children's "fascination with the strange food in the plate" (42).  Even though she hated giving up the 'safe' food provided by Mrs. Tatum, Christy's first experience with the rough life of Cutter Gap forces her to try new things, even steaming cabbage and corn pones.

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