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Christopher Okigbo (oh-KIHG-boh) is known primarily for his poetry.


(World Poets and Poetry)

During his short lifetime, Christopher Okigbo produced a small but significant body of work that stands as a legacy for poetry, particularly Nigerian poetry. His work has been celebrated by critics, discussed at university campuses, and examined in scholarly journals. His poetry is often included in Commonwealth poetry anthologies, and an annual poetry award, the All-Africa Okigbo Prize for Poetry, was created in his honor. In 2007, his work was included in Crossroads, an anthology marking the fortieth anniversary of his death and containing verses from more than one hundred Nigerian poets. That same year, an international conference discussing Okigbo’s life and works was held in Boston.

In 1966, Okigbo was awarded the Langston Hughes Award for African Poetry by a panel of judges at the Festival of Black African Arts in Dakar. The award was refused by the poet on the grounds that it was awarded based on race. Okigbo was also recognized posthumously with the National Order of Merit of Biafra for his defense of the nation, an effort that cost him his life.


(World Poets and Poetry)

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