Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

Christoph Meckel first gained renown and critical acclaim for his poetry, which appeared in such collections as Nebelhörner (1959), Wildnisse (1962), and Säure (1978); he is continually praised as one of the leading poets in contemporary German literature. Furthermore, his graphic art has appeared in more than thirty one-man exhibitions on three continents and has been published in various cycles as woodcuts, engravings, and drawings under several titles, such as Moël (1959) and Das Meer (1965), which consist of prints, and Anabasis (1982), which consists of prints and poetry. He has also written several radio plays and essays. His long fiction includes Bockshorn (1973), Die Messingstadt (1991), and Shalamuns Papiere: Roman (1992).